1. There is no participation fee.
  1. The contest is open to all photographers worldwide, amateurs and professionals, except sponsorships, members of the representative of Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF), members of Organizing Committee and Selection Committee, and their first degree relatives.
  1. The photos which has won a prize and/or awarded honorable mentions in another contest will be accepted.
  1. Only digital works shall be accepted to the competition. Each contestant may submit maximum 4 (Four) photos. Each piece is individually evaluated.
  1. The contest will be held only one category. Participating at International contest – Contestants will apply with digital black & white, colour or mixed.
  1. There is no limitation on photographic techniques. Photos may be either, monochrome, colour or mix of monochrome and colour. Images totally created by using computer software or partially altered images without any photographic content will be disqualified.
  1. The images must be frameless and there must not be a signature or a signal or date on the images.
  1. At the end of the contest, a CD/DVD catalog including  the photographs which has won an award and which will be exhibited  is to be delivered to every contestants,  TFSF and TFSF associates ,  Balıkesir M. Emin Tan Photograph Library and FIAP. (The CD/DVD catalog will be sent by freight on delivery consignment.)
  1. If it is observed that the contestant has sent a modified photograph which is proven not belonging to him/her, stolen from other photographers, the contestant will be banned to enter any TFSF patronage competitions for a period of one (1) year. According to  TFSF Competitions Rules, contestants who were previously banned from TFSF competitions, are not allowed to have an entry to this competition within one year period and FIAP will be informed in case such a violation case.  If the ones who had one year limitation commit another crime in this manner, they are banned to attend to the TFSF approved contests endlessly. In such cases, copyright infringement solely belongs to the contestant.
  2. The contestants who have such continuing limited decision cannot attend to these contests.
  1. All contestants declare and commit that every piece of work submitted is solely belong to his/her and accept that all necessary permissions are taken. İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club does not take any responsibility regarding the photos of the contestant. The awarded ones whom act against the declaration and commitments, the awards, title and acquisitions are withdrawn. However, this does not mean that the grading of other contestants will change.  In case any violation observed, regarding conditions of entry described above, the contestant loses his awards, titles and other benefits. TFSF and FIAP will be informed in case such a violation occurs.
  1. A copy of the photographs that qualified for honor and exhibition are allowed to be used in all publications (calendar, agenda, post card, catalog, web page, electronic communication and recording   etc) and events of İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club, along with a name credit, for the purpose of promotion. The copyright belongs to the contestant and İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club, without reimbursement of any royalty for copyrights.  For this contest, “Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works” and the relevant legislation is valid for use, duplication, and to establish the right of distribution of the award-winning photos. The persons sending photos to the contest shall be deemed to accept the provisions of the terms of reference.
  1. Should there be any errors occurring with the photographs sent to the contest via Internet due to the reasons arising from the system or users, such problems shall be eliminated in a short time if notification is given by contacting to the mail address, the representative of TFSF. This e-mail address may be used only for issues of uploading photographs; sending photographs to this mail address may not be considered as if having participated to the contest, and no participation by means of this mail address may be accepted.
  1. Organizing Committee can decide to cancel the contest or cancel some parts of the contest or postpone the contest Organizing Committee holds the right to determine and execute the methodology and rules to be followed in case of cancellation or postponement. Organizing Committee holds the right to make necessary changes for the solution of the disputes and problems; also the rules of the Terms and Conditions, evaluation methodology and awarding.
  1. The award-winning photos will take place on www.tfsf.org.tr and in the related pages of TFSF publication book; Almanac-2014.
  1. In any term not stated in the terms of specifications or in any unclear case, previously regulations set by TSFS will be valid.
  1. The photos except the award-winning, exhibiting and buying photos will be deleted from the system at the presence of a TFSF representative.


Contestants are kindly requested to start downloading their photos on-line to the address, http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/anasayfa.asp, within the period indicated at the Timetable. Any photographs send by any other means, such as, e-mail, CD/DVD, or in printed form, shall not be accepted. Competition registrations and the list of contestants may be viewed at the TFSF (Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey) web page.

Photographs to be sent to the competition shall be uploaded to the internet address in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi (highest uncompressed quality), not to be less than 2000 pixel for long border and not to be greater than 4 Mb in size so to suitable for large size printing.

Regardless of the name given to the entered photos by the entrant, each photo will be given Code number by our system. The jury will not see the name of the work in any way or competitors.

The images must be frameless and there must not be a signature or a signal or date on the images.

Nicknames should consist of participants names’ initial sound and surname and adjacently written. Turkish characters should not be used. The participants should mention the segment codes before nickname and after the nickname entry no and image name should be written. While naming the image dash “-“should be used and there should not be a space.( tralideD1_kadinin_cilesi. jpg, tralideD2_cagin_kadini. jpg, … )


A listing of acceptances and awards will be posted to only selected contestants e-mail addresses by e-mail. Results will be announced at www.tfsf.org.tr, http://www.rotagraphycontest.com, http://http://rotary2440.org/ web sites on 30th of October 2015.

All contestants will receive a digital CD-ROM catalog by post that are the shipping costs will be paid by contestants. The organizer will take all possible care while handling the email, awards and catalogues; however we assume no liability for damages and loses during shipment.