Digital (Coloured / Black & White)


  1. There is no participation fee.
  2. The theme is expressed by way of photography, and full freedom of interpretation is allowed. No photo may violate a child’s dignity and their right for privacy.
  3. The contest is open to all photographers worldwide, amateurs and professionals, except sponsorships, members of the representative of Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF), members of Organizing Committee and Selection Committee, and their first-degree relatives.
  1. The photos that have won a prize and/or been awarded honorable mentions in other contests will be accepted.
  2. Black and White (Monochrome) and color photographs are both accepted in the contest, which consists of one part. Photographs in which the abstract proposition of the subject regarded are visualized can join the contest. There is no limit to competitors’ adjustments or alterations considering the source photographs belongs to the photographer. Any Photography technique can be applied, as long as the photographs are not created solely with a computer software.
  3. Each contestant may submit maximum 4 (Four) photos. Each piece is individually evaluated.
  4. The contestant accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that he/she is the legal proprietor of the work and has personally created the work, all the rights there of belongs to him/her, that the work is unique and is the sole proprietor of the work according to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (“FSEK”), numbered 5846 and other relevant legislation and consents to the usage of the work at all or some of the social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.) of İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club, Rotary 2440th Region Federation, IFOD and TFSF and or any channel which will be determined by Göztepe Rotary Club unilaterally. The contestant can neither claim any copyright fees nor any rights thereof.
  5. The contestant accepts, declares and undertakes that every piece of work is genuinely his/hers and accepts that all necessary permissions are taken. By participating in this contest the contestant accepts, declares and undertakes that no third party owns any rights on the work, any and all claims shall be addressed to the contestant himself/herself and has the sole liability thereof and in case İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club is assumed liable, has made any payments or suffered any losses; he/she will immediately pay such damages fully in cash. Izmir Göztepe Rotary Club accepts no responsibility regarding such matters in case any violation observed.
  6. If it is observed that the contestant has sent a photograph which is proven not to be his/her own work, and/or has made any modifications and alterations in a manner to deceive the evaluation council, the violation procedures shall be applied about the people who make this violation.
  7. Contestants who violate the rules shall be subject to the sanctions set out on Clause 13 of the “TFSF National and International Contest Holding Standards Directive. All awards, titles or other earnings of such of the contestant shall be taken back, and the related ranking and award shall be left blank. FIAP will be informed accordingly. If the prize is given to the contestant, he/she should give it back.
  8. TR:  http://www.tfsf.org.tr/indir/yarismalar/TFSF_Yarisma_Duzenleme_Standartlari_Yonergesi-YG_002-9-24_05_2016.pdf
  9. Those who violate the contest rules are banned from attending TFSF approved contests for 1 (one) year. Those who have violated contest rules a second time are banned from attending any TFSF approved contest indefinitely according to “TFSF National and international Contest Holding Standards Directive”
  10. The contestants who are subject to such continuing limited decision and the contestants who are in FIAP restricted list cannot attend to these contests. All copyright infringement that may be caused by this issue and its legal responsibility belong to contestant. Göztepe Rotary Club doesn’t have any legal responsibility and is not obliged to do a preliminary investigation.
  11. Göztepe Rotary Club and Association and IFOD may demand the original file of photographs which win prizes and exhibition.
  12. Contestant, by participating in a contest which is under the patronage of FIAP, hereby agrees in advance that, if deemed necessary, the photos he/she sent to the contest can be reviewed in regard of their conformity to FIAP rules and definitions, regardless of the membership to FIAP. FIAP can conduct this inquiry by using all the means and techniques within its capacity. In case the Contestant refrains from submitting the required information, giving the original file which was taken by camera or cooperating with FIAP for the solution of the problem, the Contestant will be banned by FIAP on the grounds of violation of rules and the Contestant’s name will be exposed in every way. It is advised to keep the EXIF data of the photos that are sent to the contest uncorrupted, in order to make possible inquires easier.
  13. The Organizing Committee can decide at its sole discretion to cancel the contest or cancel some parts of the contest or postpone the contest. The Organizing Committee holds the right to determine and execute the methodology and rules to be followed in case of cancellation or postponement. The Organizing Committee holds the right to make all the necessary amendments including amendments on Terms and Conditions, program changes, evaluation methodology and awarding in order to provide a solution regarding disputes and problems; provided that the said amendments shall be notified in writing one week prior to the TFSF Competition Unit Deadline for Participation the latest.
  14. The award-winning photos will be published on www.tfsf.org.tr and www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org thereof, take place in the TFSF publication book; Almanac 2020, web-sites which belong to the institution.
  15. In any term not stated in the terms of specifications or in any unclear case, Board decisions of Göztepe Rotary Club and TFSF and TFSF U/UA Contest Holding Standards Directives will be valid.


  • A printed copy of the photographs that are awarded with an award or exhibition will be taken into the Izmir Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD archives. These photographs can be used in news, as means of publicity and in civil society initiatives. Contestant has no claim in regard of this printed copy, such as copyright, fee or any other tangible or personal rights and hereby consents to the usage thereof by Göztepe Rotary Club. In addition to the rights on this printed copy Göztepe Rotary Club, if it deems necessary, can also use freely all the photographs that were awarded with a prize or exhibition in its own or Rotary 2440, unless otherwise is previously stated by the contestant. District Federation’s publications, printed documents, promotional documents and other platforms (calendar, agenda, postcard, catalog, website, electronic communication and registry environment etc.) by stating the name of the contestant. Also, the award-winning photos will be published on www.tfsf.org.tr thereof, take place in the TFSF publication book; Almanac 2020, web-sites which belong to the institution.
  • Göztepe Rotary Club and Rotary 2440 District Federation will make no payment to Contestant as copyright or fee and these artworks’ usage rights of the stated nature, and shall be the property of Göztepe Rotary Club, IFOD together with the contestant. The contestant accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she has given the intangible rights such as right of usage, copy, publish, represent, mark, transmission to the public via devices that transmits audio and/or image, authority to offer to public, to Göztepe Rotary Club Association without claiming any kind of fee and without any limitation in place, number, time, media and content.
  • The contestant hereby accepts printed copies of the originals works which are given a prize to be used in exhibitions and catalogs by Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD.
  • All of the photographs have to be taken by the contestant. All legal responsibility caused by using other individuals work wholly or partially belong to the contestant.
  • All the individuals that might be in the photographs competing in the contest are presumed to have consented to have their photographs taken, sent to a contest and be published on the internet and on printed press. All legal responsibility that might have been caused by clause belong to the contestant.
  • The contestants declare and verify that they have taken all the necessary permissions are taken by themselves. Any issue that might be caused by this clause has no legal binding to İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD.
  • If the contestants win a prize but unable to attend to the award ceremony, their works are going to be sent to the address saved on the system. If, in any case, any of the photographs are damaged in the post, or cannot be delivered because the address given is wrong are of no legal binding to Göztepe Rotary Club or IFOD.
  • A digital album with the photographs that win a prize will be prepared an uploaded to the contest site, http://rotagraphycontest.com/ and will be available to download. Photographs that are awarded will be published in IFOD https://ifod.org.tr , İzmir Göztepe Rotary http://rotagraphycontest.com/ , TFSF https://www.tfsf.org.tr/  and Rotary 2240th District sites. They will also be exhibited in designated exhibition sites.
  • Photographs will be presented to jury in a fully dark room with 3840 x 2160 Pixel projection tool and minimum 1 to 2.5 m in distance diagonally or Ultra HD 3840 pixel x 2160 LCD monitor.


  • As the contest will be done in online photograph system, posts that are sent in any other way (e-mail, photoprint, hand-delivery) will not be accepted.
  • Sending the Photographs of the contest online will only be made from the websites

(Turkish) >http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/

(English) >http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/en/

by following the directives of membership and sending photographs.

  • Firstly, the contestant will become a member of the website by filling the form of membership and uploading his/her photographs with the approved username and password. The membership will be finalized after clicking the activation link which is sent from the system to your e-mail address. The former members should use their former username and password.
  • Process of sizing and naming of the loaded photographs should be done before and the files should be ready and be uploaded in one session.
  • The images must be frameless and without side margins.
  • There must not be a signature, signal, logo or date etc. on the images.
  • Photographs to be sent to the contest shall be uploaded to the internet address in jpg/jpeg format with a resolution of 150-300 dpi, compression quality in 7-12, not to be less than 3200 pixel for long border and greater than 1920 pixel for short border and not to be greater than 4 Mb in size and not to be less than 2 Mb.
  • The folder names shall not exceed 31 characters. English characters and under bar (_) may be used however characters Ç, Ğ, İ, Ö, Ş, Ü, ç, ı, ğ, ö, ş, ü shall not be used.
  • No capital letters shall be used except for the country code and segment names.


1.step:Country code shall be placed at the first two characters of the folder. (“TR” for Turkey) For the country codes please refer to: http://www.fiap.net/docs/divers/ISO2-en.pdf

2.step:After that the Contestant’s name shall be in maximum 5 characters. (e.g. “omery”, “oerly” or “erily” for ÖmerEril YILMAZ)

3.step: The next character should be sections first letter (Digital = D)

4.step :Item number of the photograph shall be written in number (1 to 4) and an under bar (_) shall be added to the end.

5.step: After the under bar, name of the photograph should write by means of limitation with total character number. (e.g. name of participant “ÖmerErilYılmaz” , his photograph with name of “ÇıkmazSokak” and with the number 1; “TRomeryD1_cikmaz_sokak” or with the name of “Gönülyolu” photograph number 2 “TRomeryD2_gonul_yolu”)

  • If any problems occur due to system or user errors on the photographs which are sent through internet, these problems will be eliminated in a short period upon the notification to onlineyarismalar@tfsf.org.tr . The contact e-mail can only be used for photograph uploading problems, sending photographs to this mail address may not be considered as having participated to the contest, and no participation by means of this mail address may be accepted. Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD have no liability about possible problems which arise from uploading the photos. No matter the name given to the work, an automatic number will be given to the photograph by the system. Jury cannot see the original name of the work or the photographer.

RESULTS: A listing of acceptances and awards will be posted to all contestants by e-mail. Results will be announced at TFSF/PAFT’s websites www.tfsf.org.tr and http://tfsfonayliyarismalar.org and http://rotary2440.org/ and www.rotagraphycontest.com of Göztepe Rotary Club. Only the results of the contestants who were awarded with prize and exhibition will be notified by e-mail. The Organizing Committee will take all possible care while handling the email, awards and digital CD/DVD catalogues; however The Organizing Committee cannot be held liable for damages and loses during shipment. Contestants accept that the address he/she has given during the application will be used for the said deliveries and is his/her legal residence. İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club is not liable in case the address is incorrect. Address changes shall be notified to the Contest Secretariat in writing with registered and reply-paid letter.