Rotagraphy 2018



“Farm to Fork: Nutrition and Life”

Global population growth, and the transition from rural to urban life, has initiated a major change in our nutrition habits. Industrial agricultural products and foods, which contain more carbohydrate, trans oil, salt, chemical food additives, transgenic (GM) plants, etc. have replaced the traditional nutrition model. A Healthy food chain starts in field. Agricultural products which are main materials of foods must be natural and safe.

The habitat we live in, the type of food we consume, and our diet have all changed with the development of technology and industry. This has derived us away from a natural living and forced us to live among the concrete walls, consuming packaged foods. Due to changing ecological conditions and economic problems, many people are undernourished, or struggle to survive in hunger or disease; and every year millions of people lose their lives because of malnutrition or disease. Scientific studies show that, it is impossible for us to return to our past rural living conditions due to global warming, rising environmental pollution and urban living conditions and it will certainly affect the future generations.

With the cooperation of Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD, 5th international photography contest; we are seeking frames that will create awareness of ecological living and encourage society to support living in harmony with the nature, sustainable and ecofriendly production systems that will influence the society which is losing its connection with the nature. Understanding the importance of production and consumption of traditional food can be made possible by creating awareness and people who can be a role model for society. We invite all amateur and professional photo enthusiasts to help us point out this important problem for mankind. We are expecting original photos supporting on ‘Farm to Fork: Nutrition and Life’ message.