“Improve The Bridges By Traditional Child Games and Sports”

Play and sport, where societies’ lifestyles and moral norms are hidden, play an important role in preparing children for the future, as well as providing social values in the easiest and safest way. In education, it is possible to encourage children learning through play to become individuals who develop many skills and abilities such as being innovative, complex problem solving, critical and creative, and who can work in collaboration with others and apply what they need in different situations in a changing world.

Nowadays, technological developments and changes are taking place rapidly, especially computer games are preventing socialization and social values. In recent years, “the disappearance of childhood”, “hurry childhood – being the Other “Adult” and “consumer child” concepts are much talking about. It is stated that there is a transition to a childhood that breaks away from nature, loses its physical skills, is intertwined with virtual life, less curious, more selfish, ready, conforms to the demands of the consumption wheel that can be easily shaped and devoid of creativity. However, today, it is an important requirement for a balanced development without neglecting the potential impact of digital games on the global education process.

It is very important to encourage children to play together with traditional children’s games and sports activities, which are almost forgotten today, and to develop them socially and culturally. The child learns many social and cultural values such as love, respect, friendship, sharing, solidarity, solidarity, kindness, evil, fairness, injustice, honesty and obedience through the education of values in games. Children who are aware of the cultural values of the society with the experiences and adoptions in the play environment can play an active role in transferring the values to the next generations.

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